Monday, August 8, 2011

you know what they say.........

recycle? wear vintage......i TOTALLY agree!!!
i also believe that holds true to of my all time favs.....

part of the mission of seabags is to recycle because it works!!!
each bag is made from recycled sails.....
at their core they believe in working for a cause and a cure.....
they donate to SailMaine scholarship fund which teaches children to learn to sail, and they work with the Maine cancer foundation, the american cancer society, make a wish foundation, and surfrider foundation....
their bags are one of a kind and i must say i have quite a collection (that some how never stops growing!!)
i just love the idea that the bag i am carrying has an incredible history and story......
a bag that  has traveled around the world!!
i just love that!!!! and i love seabags!!!!
here are a few of my favorites.......
white on white is a great classic bag!!! i love the anchor and the star is great too!!!!

this silver metallic on navy stripes is one of my all time favorites!!!!

i AM a gold girl!!!! i give this bag a gold star!!!!

great farmers market or grocery bag!! keep it in the car!!

i love this tough kevlar!!! super chic!!

this is a must have for IS called the weekender!!! if you are a weekend kind of person you MUST have this bag!!!

who doesn't always need a few wine bags for last minute dinner parties or easy gifts? buy a few and keep them on hand for such a time!!!
what are you waiting for? go grad yourself a seabag or 3!!!
oh!! and they even have true one of a kind bags that they auction off daily!!! pretty amazing finds!!!
thank you seabags for creating some amazing goodies with an amazing history and story!!!!

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