Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Foundation of an effortless closet that comes with peace of mind for all mankind

Let's build a foundation...

There are numerous opinions about what the staples in a woman's closet should consist of. This album is a look at what I believe are the basic fundamental items that every woman can build from!!! The pieces have direct links or can be attained directly from me. Message me for details and availability, and remember....each and every item here has been made with careful consideration of the talented artisans that make these items for you and I to enjoy.! A great note: When you are in need of something and are not sure how to find the details of the ethics involved in the making of it, 4 fail safe options are Abejas Boutique, J Crew, India Hicks, and Stella and Dot! All 4 companies go to great lengths to ensure that their products are made with the highest of standards and care and respect of the hands that make them!! In addition to that, you can ALWAYS buy vintage with a clean conscious, and Cheeky Vintage has curated one of the best collections I have ever seen!!!

This look has it all!! It's easy, it's comfortable. and it wears...and wears.....and wears!! These are the perfect travel pieces, as well as the best of the everyday essentials. The palazzxo pant, long sleeve tee and cami are a long time favorite of mine that I love so much I worked a deal with the owner to provide to you directly!! The modal fabric is increbible and the versatility is amazing!!!
The blazer is a classic from jcrew!!

 I love the layered neck look so much that on a daily basis my neck is a version of this story!!
The foundation piece is a multi strand pearl necklace that you can build on. The best option for the multi-strand pearls in my opinion are at jcrew!! You can't go wrong!!

This is a one of a kind multi pearl, silk thread and leather wrap. It can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet and each one is just a bit different. It is truly a collector piece.

 This necklace made me squeal!! This is a beuatiful vintage inspired necklace that is well made and more than affordable!! I will pass this on

The Jolie Sparkle Chain Link Necklace

 This is the absolute perfect bag for every woman!! The sleek crossbody is just the right size and the insider (stingray shown here) is interchangeable and doubles as a wallet/clutch!! Talk about day to night!! The tassle is optional but is a great keychain that adds a little something extra while keeping you from loosing your keys!

 This is the "Madly Deeply" and that describes precisely how I feel about this bag!! It is on my favorite list for sure!! It comes in 3 fabrics. This is the navy/green Heritage print, adorned with the aubergine junkanoo tassle, good luck beetle charm, and one of my favorite vintage silk scarves from Cheeky Vintage.

 I like to call these play converse "Comme des Happy!!!"
Everyone needs a pair of converse "happy feet" and I am all eyes with these!!!!

 These Anouk by Golden Goose ankle boots are the perfect zip on and off travel shoes!!

 When you are headed to the airport in the Houston heat, these Tank Slides by Ivy Kirzhner New York are easy to slide on and keep you from overheating!! When you arrive in a more seasonally appropriate climate, throw them in your madly deeply, and keep handy for a quick trip to the ice maker or hot tub!! Available in black with Rose Gold Hardware (shown here) Bone, Natural and Truffle.

This scarf needs no words....it just.....is perfection!!

This scarf and others that are just as fun are available at abejas boutique!!

This is the "insider" from the Madison May cross-body bag, with the "Take-Out" wallet in Drink Burgundy, the agra tassle in wine to hold my keys together and add a little something more, AND my all-time favorite Casuarina handcream!! It smells just heavenly!!

 This gold cage bracelet is a piece from one of my all-time favorite jewelry lines!!! Unfortunately, they are no longetr in production, but I would not post this unless I could get my hands on the last few for you, and I have!!! Once they are gone, that's it, but they are 2 still left in the collection!!!

 The double "k" logo on the inside of the cuff is just a perfect detail!! This is a classy and versastile piece that you could wear with just about anything, I know I do!!

These horn bracelets are another favorite from the Korcula line that has stopped production, and they last few are all there will ever be. Message me for pricing and availability.

The Evolution

The Design Forecast has evolved in ways that seem unimaginable, over the last decade. The original function of tdf was to provide the equipment necessary for someone to establish their own style climate, by yielding a translation of trends, alongside a blueprint for decoding style noise. tdf has provided guidance and direction to navigate this difficult course successfully, and now has added a component unlike anything we have done before. The need for the translation and blueprint are more important than ever before in a time of trend chaos, but beyond that, there is a greater need. A matter of life and death! The manifold endeavor of the apparel industry as a whole, to lower costs and provide high demand fashion has created a pandemic that can no longer be ignored by consumers. As a "single unit" human race, we each have a personal responsibility in the face of commerce in the 21st century, to promote ethical and social practices that benefit all humans, and ensure safety for the individuals and the system. The Design Forecast is primed to mobilize and advance the crusade of educating and informing all consumers to do their to eradicate modern day slavery in the 21st century.