Monday, October 31, 2016

What is your ethical climate?

Happy Halloween!!!

We are officially entering the holiday season.....

so of course we are starting to think.....

about parties,


the perfect gifts for our loved ones, 

and of course what we will wear for all the holiday photo ops!!!

Have you ever stopped during your procurement of your bountiful booty to think about the ethical ramifications of your purchases?

My guess is no.

That is too much to think about!!

and even if you did, how would you ever be able to really gauge said ramifications?

Well, first of all, yes! That is a lot to think about!!

and, if you did stop to think about it you would likely begin a google search that would quickly demand a scream of frustration or a drink!!

So why in the world would I bring this to your attention now, as the holidays are upon us?

because....I have good news!!!

I am here for you!! 

For over ten years now I have shopped for, styled, and curated for women and men. 

I have helped them find their design climate,

and all this time I have been doing my homework.

We are all becoming acutely aware of the reality of human trafficking surrounding us in plain sight, but for so many the numbers are so daunting and we don't see that we can do anything to change it. 

But, we can ALL do something?

Starting with our shopping list!!

We all can make a difference!!! 

I read an article about a study conducted by 2 students at The University of Bath regarding ethics and luxury items and there was one fact that stood out to me above all else....

‘‘Those who buy Cafe´direct may pay for the product from a wallet or purse produced by a workforce in a Third World location under conditions of extreme exploitation’’.

(Cafe'direct was the pioneer in certified Fairtrade Coffee, bringing the first true Fairtrade coffee to the UK three years before the Fairtrade Mark was created.)

Thankfully today fairtrade coffee is right around the corner for most all of us, 

but what about everything else?

Over the last six months I have been absorbing the facts about human-trafficking and how it is the fastest growing criminal industry across the globe, and I can tell you that a fundraiser, or even a handful of fundraisers are not enough!

We must adjust our thinking, 

and I am dedicated to helping you do just that!

I will be spotlighting some of my favorite companies that go above and beyond their ethical and social responsibility. 

I will be building an ethically responsible shopping guide for everything you may need or want.

My goal is to make it as easy for you as possible to support the companies that are protecting our society with their business integrity.

If you absolutely love something and can not find their ethical pratices send me a msg and I will look into it for you, and possibly even share it with everyone else.

In the meantime as the list is being built I have GREAT NEWS!!!

J Crew is not only a leader in forward thinking fashion, but they go above and beyond in their ethical practices as well!!

Take a look....

Stay tuned for more.....