Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Online Portfolio in the works......Update coming soon!!!!!....Please pardon the editing time!!!

The design forecast, like the fashion forecast, is a tool to sort through all the design noise and find your true design style and create a space you truly love!!!!

I have partnered with photog wizard Tony Gibson to give you a glimpse of how a number of clients have, with our guidance created their dream home and made their homes uniquely theirs. 
A place they all say they don't want to leave, and love coming "home" to!!

Sneak peek....

My dear friend Tanvir's home will be featured soon.....
and you don't want to miss it!!!
It is truly incredible!!!
Tony has worked his magic to give you a glimpse into a home that will make you feel zen and at peace from the time you "enter" the front door.
Commissioned Art "The Heights" by artist Jonathan Hance,
a master bedroom getaway that is better than any resort
......and a closet that just might make you cry!!!!
Stay tuned!!!!