Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wardrobe staples

We all have our go-to pieces....
....many people have a number of staples that they feel they can not live without.
I have narrowed down the must-haves to 30..
...and here they are....
1. white button down shirt-men have said for decades that women look their sexiest in a men's button down shirt.....thanks to Laurann Claridge and Lizbeth King now women can have that sexy look ....but have it tailored to fit them...claridge and king has the BEST "his is hers" shirts and monogramming is available!! buy one in every color!!
2. jeans-"blue jeans are the most beautiful thing since the gondola." Diana Vreeland-don't listen to the noise about denim....and there is a lot of noise!!! spend some time with your most trusted and try try try.......look for the best fit and stick with it!! it may be treacherous but it will pay off!!
3. statement necklace-first decide what statement you want to make and then do not settle until you see the statement....buy it without any guilt and rest knowing that you will wear this piece forever!!! hints for finding YOUR statement.....color (should enhance your eyes and/or skin color), length should flatter your best assets, versatility is a key-look for something that can be worn with your other staples to add a little flare.
4. wedge- we all need a lift sometimes!! a wedge is a simple easy way to get the lift you need to make your legs look longer and leaner and the stability to show them off!!
5. casual slip on-this should be an investment piece...look for comfort and classic style..Tory Burch Reva's are a great go to and they are affordable, Chanel always does a quilted version that are more of an investment but keep in mind this is a shoe you will literally wear into the ground!!
6. simple stud earrings-these can be diamonds, pearls, or even solid silver or gold (eventually build your collection to include all 4)
7. cardigan-this is a favorite staple of mine!! i believe you should look for a light weight cotton blend that you can wear year round, and a cashmere version for the colder months. the length is key and to buy a cardigan that will be a good investment look for one that comes right to the bottom of your bum...too long or too short and your cardigan will not have the classic look you are wanting for long term wear.
8. blazer-a black or navy blazer is key for everyone!! it can be a tuxedo style or even a classic 2 or 3 button. look for something that falls right at the hip bone and is cut to flatter a woman's curves. it does not have to be a woman's jacket but if it is too boxy it will be more of a novelty than a long term staple.
9. trouser-this is again all about fit. when you find the trouser that fits you well in every area, has the right rise, length, and cut that is most flattering buy it in every color!! and if it is only available in 1 color find a great tailor who can remake it for you in other colors, and fabrics
10. wrap dress-this type of dress flatters every woman's figure!! make sure the size is correct and you are good to go~!~ it really is that simple!!
11. casual tennis shoe-converse would be my pick, super models wear them and Nina Garcia included them in her book "The One Hundred"
12. denim jacket-this can be vintage Levi's or a current designer ...look for a darker weathered wash and a good fit...also best to look for something with some spandex in it!!
13. pearl necklace-in 1996 Jackie O's imitation strand of pearls worth $80 sold at auction for $211,500...that should be proof enough that you do not have to be homeless to look classic.....find a strand and wear them with everything!!
14.signature fragrance-fragrance is your invisible accessory but the one accessory that leaves a lasting impression....i personally love essential oil blends...ambre custom blends is my all time favorite!! it smells amazing on everyone and it does not change with your chemistry because it does not contain chemicals.
15.plain white tee-"I have always thought of the t-shirt as the alpha and the omega of the fashion alphabet" Giorgio Armani
don't spend a lot on this key staple....you can find them at most stores and they will need to be replaced often...but do buy them!! and buy many!!
16. safari jacket-a khaki safari jacket is a perfect addition to pull an outfit together..look for one that flatters your figure and fits well...you will be surprised how often you pull this one from your closet!!
17. diamond stud earrings-every girl needs a little sparkle...this is a simple, subtle way to get some....and my personal rule always wear diamond studs with a pearl necklace and pearl studs with a diamond necklace...(if you are paying attention, you know that we have already covered diamond stud earrings.....but they do deserve an entry by themself!)
18. vintage necklace-i think one of the best vintage necklaces of all time is the watch necklace, maybe you find or are handed down a vintage pocket watch, add a chain to it and wear it! if not look for something until you find the piece that speaks to you!! it IS out there!!
19. statement everyday bag-i think camel is the way to go with this bag.....you can wear it with anything and everything!! and you WILL!!
20. sun glasses-these should never be purchased on a solo shopping trip!!! take your most trusted friend to weed through all the styles and shapes and settle on what is most flattering on your face!!-fyi-bug eyes belong on bugs only!!
21. linen pants-i prefer drawstring and Tysa makes a fabulous drawstring linen pant in multiple colors!! this is a summer must have!!!
22. white ribbed tank tops-these do not need to be expensive!! you can even find them in the men's dept at target...look for good stitching along the edges and make sure that the arm holes are not too big! i can never have enough of these...you can wear them with almost everything!!
23. clogs-this shoe originally from Holland has stood the test of time...never will clogs not be in style!! look for something a little different...metallic, hand painted,something other than solid brown or black leather
24.a wrap-this is a large version of what we call a scarf, the fabrics range from cotton blends to cashmere and everything in between, i do not believe we should limit ourselves to only one but to begin, look for something in a neutral color that looks good on you in a lighter weight like cotton or linen blends. Tolani makes an amazing light weight summer scarf....if you have one for warm weather and one for colder weather look for the colder to be a silk and cashmere blend-Chan Luu is my favorite!!
25. silk scarf- this can be from a vintage store (you would be amazed the beauty you can find in vintage scarves!!) or you can always look for a go-to like Hermes or echo.
26. stiletto-when it comes to this staple look for something that speaks to you....like art this shoe is a personal decision.....i think shoes can be pieces of art that add an element to our outfit that nothing else quite can
27. peep toe pump-i gave the peep toe it's own category because i believe that it is a must.....peep toes like the stiletto are also pieces of art that we will want to hold on to for a long time....you can always go classic with either of these shoes but look for something that expresses your style climate!!
28. sandal-the sandal is that piece in our wardrobe that signifies winter is gone!! i so look forward to wearing my sandals with each new season.....i love classics like huaraches....i never get tired of them!!
29 flip flop- i do think there is a place in every woman's closet for flip flops!! these are quick and easy and can be worn with a pair of tuxedo pants and a white tee or your favorite pair of cut off shorts and your vintage concert tee.....havaianas are one of my all time favorites.
30 pencil skirt-this is a skirt that every woman can pull off!!! the pencil skirt is a woman's best friend ...it is sexy and professional all at once!! classic black or navy blue are the best choices for long term wear!
these are my top 30..i would love to hear from you what your wardrobe staples are that did not make my list!!

The Power of fabric

"In the years since she has been gone, I've taken to curling up beneath my mother's fur coat; it comforts me. Her name is embroidered inside, "Ellie M.," so that it could be easily identified at a party filled with fur-wearing women. Some times I take naps with the coat as a blanket and am transported by the mixture of smells and a lingering odor of a perfume no longer in existence."
                                                              taken from "my mother's clothes" by Jeannette Montgomery Barron

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

leg wear


the military jacket


...and the way you look tonight

we all dream as little girls, and even as big girls,  that someday, someone will sing those beautiful words to us..
when i'm awfully low
 when the world is cold
 i will feel a glow just thinking of you
 and the way you look tonight"
it might not be tony himself in your dreams but the words are still the same.
and the dream to look that good is one we all share!!
i think everyone should have those moments and have them often....
sometimes we just need a little guidance, i know i do!!!...
 to decode the racks and racks of clothes we feel were created for the girl in the swimsuit ad, not for us....
and find those gems that make us feel like that song was written  just for us!!
translating the trends and forecasting the fashion future is what i am here to do!!
i hope that you will glean some inspiration and guidance from what you see....and......and i hope to hear back about YOUR moment!!!!
here's to looking your best!!!