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wardrobe staples for men

after a few days of compiling all the staples for men this was my favorite look of all!!!!
i think most women would agree that a man in a pair of cool, easy jeans (that fit well) paired with a classic small print plaid button down(we chose to show a navy and white check), and a well fitted blazer is hard to resist!!!!
guys.....this look will get you a long way with the ladies!!!
now for the staples......

as a rule women begin building their wardrobes much earlier than men.....for most women it began when we were mere girls.....we played dress up in our mom's closet and began our collection as soon as possible........for men the story seems to be a different one....the fashion forecast wants to ensure that men are not abandoned and have the guidance needed to build and sustain their wardrobe as in order to secure the best info for men  the fashion forecast consulted hector villarreal, designer/owner of LUCHO Boutique in Uptown Park.
"LUCHO BOUTIQUE, one of the premier retailers in America, has become a sought after authority in men's wear. This award-winning boutique bears its own brand and adheres to the philosophy: 'Knowing how to dress is more than a simple pleasure; it is a vital commitment'". what do men need?.....
i narrowed it down to 11 for you...a good place to start don't you think?
1. every man needs a good suit, or 3........
but men you might be surprised......villarreal says that his first 3 choices for colors of men's suits do NOT include black!! dark navy would be his first suggestion, followed by dark charcoal grey, and finally a light grey or dark brown. versatility is the key with a good suit, but quality and fabric should NEVER be compromised. a good quality wool is the only choice! villarreal says that caring for a suit is of the utmost importance...only have your suit cleaned when absolutely necessary, treat stains and hang on a valet after wearing before storing in the closet. seek the advice of an expert when purchasing a suit and ask specific questions such as..... this the best fit for my body type?
b. should i wear a peak lapel-villarreal says only if you have broad shoulders-
c. what type of break should i have in my trouser? although it is personal preference, villarreal cautions against too much of a break because it will not have as clean of a look.
d. 2 or 3 buttons-again personal preference but go with what you are more comfortable in.

a classic example of the "classic man's suit" at LUCHO

2.dress shoes- as with women, shoes can be a way to show your personality, and we recommend that you take full advantage of the opportunity!!!
with LUCHO's release of an amazing new shoe line designed by hector himself, you will never  fear having to don those boring old oxfords again!! below we have  a sneak peak of some of the amazing styles but please note that these photos do not do the shoes justice...the small details are incredible!!! you will be amazed!!!!

because shoes can show your personality style, have fun with your choices!
choose something you feel is classic with a little extra touch of something special...these are only a  few options from LUCHO
3.classic white button down shirts-this is a transitional piece in your wardrobe which means it can be worn with various other pieces to create a variety of want to look for good quality, crisp white, and classic fit and style-avoid embellishment and extras like pockets or bold stitching. this is the one item that will rotate in you closet more than anything else....
***always make sure your white shirts look chrisp and clean, once they get dingy get rid of them!!!***
classic collection of white button downs..

our favorite white shirts come from LUCHO, j crew (billy reid for j crew), and steven alan (

4.jeans-just like with women, jeans can be the trickiest wardrobe staple.....jeans need to fit well, and if they do they can be your favorite go to wardrobe staple!! we believe you should have atleast 2 jeans styles, one for day, and a dressier pair for is what to look for......
for day-
straight leg
dark  vintage wash
 folded pleat back pocket
gold thread

5.for evening-
straight leg(not skinny!!!)
 raw unwashed denim
 gun metal, navy, or black thread
standard back pocket without embellishments
**an exception to the rule-when supporting a cause (pierce jeans-thread color on back right pocket or custom emblem in corner pocket) slight color embellishment is fine.**
below are 2 ensembles i think you could have as your go-to for just about any occasion...

6. cuff links-quite possibly the most important accessory for a man
like shoes, cuff links can be a way to show your personality....
i picked a few of my favs to show you.....

7. linen pants
for warmer days linen pants are a wonderful, and super cool option that can be dressed down or dressed up!!!
there are many linen pants out there available in various price ranges and many different blends....when looking for the perfect linen pant, look for a blend!!! you don't want 100% linen.....a linen/cotton blend is the best option, and the color is up to you!!!!
i think it is important to have a neutral color, black, white, navy, brown, or grey....but there are also many colorful options as well....below is a collection of various linen pants i think all make a great choice....
linen pants can be so are a few options of my favorite looks with linen pants.....
a light blue linen pant with a classic dark navy button down and a loafer.....
perfect classic look!!!

here we have the same light blue linen pant with a light blue and white stripe button down, a light-weight beige blazer, and the same loafer....
a dressier, but also super classic look!!!!!

8. button down shirt options.......
don't be afraid to bring color into your closet through your button down shirts......
if you go with classic solids you really can not go wrong, unless the color is just all wrong....ask for an opinion when choosing a color....

9.v necks tees-white is a must and each man should have several.....but color is fun too!!!
these are great under a blazer with a pair of jeans or chinos!!
here are a few options....

michael kors men's v-neck tee's chinos......ok guys....there is not a chino for all men.....this is somewhat like what we said about jeans is importnat and you want to be comfortable in your chinos....they SHOULD be super comfy!!!
here are a few of my favorite chino looks.....

classic navy chino, rolled up for an easy summer look

classic olive green chino-easy fit but not sloppy
(with a loafer they look a little more dressy!!)
you may not be comfortable tucking your chinos in your boots but this straight leg chino can be worn a variety of ways....

11. classic converse tennis shoes....
men and women alike should all own a pair of converse!! with the vast variety of colors and styles you are sure to find the perfect pair of "happy feet" for you!!! here is an example of a neutral pair i love!!!(and i own the women's version!!)

Thank you Hector Villarreal for your insight into what makes a man look his very best!!!!!

hector modeling a classic fav from LUCHO at the bloom into action fashion show benefiting the leukemia lymphoma handsome!

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