Monday, May 14, 2012

now that mother's day has come and gone...
those of us who are not mother's are most likely left with a feeling of jealousy for all the lovely gifts given and received by moms around us......and for some mom's maybe a feeling of i wish i would have gotten something other than the female equivalent of a neck tie....
so here is a thought....
buy yourself some diamonds!!!
you deserve it!!
and the best news ever is that cook diamonds sells all their merchandise at wholesale prices and the price ranges start as low as $150!!!
so buy yourself some diamonds girls!!!!!
here are a few of my favorite finds at cook diamonds.....
just a few of the options above are brown diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, white diamonds, blue topaz, facetted aquamarine and ialino quartz
cook diamonds
world trade center
dallas, texas

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