Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Evolution

The Design Forecast has evolved in ways that seem unimaginable, over the last decade. The original function of tdf was to provide the equipment necessary for someone to establish their own style climate, by yielding a translation of trends, alongside a blueprint for decoding style noise. tdf has provided guidance and direction to navigate this difficult course successfully, and now has added a component unlike anything we have done before. The need for the translation and blueprint are more important than ever before in a time of trend chaos, but beyond that, there is a greater need. A matter of life and death! The manifold endeavor of the apparel industry as a whole, to lower costs and provide high demand fashion has created a pandemic that can no longer be ignored by consumers. As a "single unit" human race, we each have a personal responsibility in the face of commerce in the 21st century, to promote ethical and social practices that benefit all humans, and ensure safety for the individuals and the system. The Design Forecast is primed to mobilize and advance the crusade of educating and informing all consumers to do their to eradicate modern day slavery in the 21st century.

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