Saturday, July 2, 2011

the fashion forecast on the plain white tank.......via mirror mirror

Plain white tank tops should be anything but boring! Here's how these easy, inexpensive staples can create style-savvy looks.
Styling duo Kimberly Powell and Jeremy Smith agree that a basic white tank top can go from extremely casual to extremely lux. But it can also go really wrong! Kimberly says you have to make sure that the quality of the fabric is good (not completely transparent). You don't want the arm holes to be too big. You don't want it to be too tight where you have that "muffin top" look. You don't want your bra to look like it's not supposed to be seen. And finally, you don't want it to be so tight to where you're constantly pulling and adjust it. You want it to feel like a second skin.
Instead, try one of these trendsetting tank styles:
Mix expensive with inexpensive. A vintage brocade jacket, simple super-washed denim shirt, a couple of layered tank tops with a pair of shorts and a cute little wedge.
Layer two tank tops, a button-down jersey dress and cardigan. Then, draw the eye to the waistline by taking two belts and running one end of one belt through the opposite end of the other belt.
If you're not a surfer and you're not wearing a rash guard, but you still want coverage, a white tank top really adds to a bright bikini bottom. Throw on some jewelry, a little sarong and a floppy hat. It's not going to be something you wear in the water, but this the perfect way to walk on the beach.
A few fit tips:
For petites, pull the tank top down around the waist. It gives that appearance of length.
If you're hippy, push it up a little bit, maybe scrunch it up and angle it to the side. It really helps so it doesn't cut off your waist and gives that appearance of length.
"I would never suggest that anyone spend a lot of money on a white ribbed tank top. The ones that we're showing today from Target are $10," says Kimberly.
You can even borrow from the boys! Kimberly says, "The men's come in packs of three and I think they're $12. So I definitely don't think you should spend a lot of money."

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  1. stopped into target yesterday for some white ribbed tank tops and guess what? they were out!! of all sizes!!! had to steal from the boys!!! tip of the day-when stealing from the boys go down a size from what you would normally buy for a good fit!!~kp