Wednesday, June 22, 2011

today on the street..........

we have all seen them......editors out and about in cities across the globe find inspiration from everyday people living their lives in a fabulous i spotted one myself and had to share......
it was none other than houston's very own (she is not a native houstonian but we claim her when we can) fabulous tv host and producer rebecca spera who walked up to my (cheeky vintage actually) door step in a classic and dare i say perfect wednesday outfit!!! i am so impressed with her simplistic elegance on a rainy day in houston!!!!!
i know you will agree.......
she certainly knows fashion ladies....let's all take a lesson on this classic look!!!!
let's break it down.....
classic white scoop neck tee-you want to make sure that your white tee looks crisp and is fitted but not too tight
navy sheer (great summer weight fabric) cardigan- the length of the cardigan should be just below the bum
classic navy trim trouser by seven- classic trim trousers should hit right at the ankle and should be straight without being tight at  any single point
great nude platform pump-look for a pinkish beige pump
fabulous vintage star necklace-can't go wrong!!~cheeky vintage always has an amazing selection of great statement necklaces!!
and of course a great metallic summer bag!!
metallic is a great option for summer day bags-brightens up any outfit!!
thank you rebecca for your inspiration!!!


  1. I knew by wearing that star necklace I'd be a star! T-shirt - Pure Good; Cardigan - Gap; Handbag - Elaine Turner. :)

  2. she's working it for sure. love the shoes!