Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...and the way you look tonight

we all dream as little girls, and even as big girls,  that someday, someone will sing those beautiful words to us..
when i'm awfully low
 when the world is cold
 i will feel a glow just thinking of you
 and the way you look tonight"
it might not be tony himself in your dreams but the words are still the same.
and the dream to look that good is one we all share!!
i think everyone should have those moments and have them often....
sometimes we just need a little guidance, i know i do!!!...
 to decode the racks and racks of clothes we feel were created for the girl in the swimsuit ad, not for us....
and find those gems that make us feel like that song was written  just for us!!
translating the trends and forecasting the fashion future is what i am here to do!!
i hope that you will glean some inspiration and guidance from what you see....and......and i hope to hear back about YOUR moment!!!!
here's to looking your best!!!

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